About us


In order to understand the vision of the Aiterna group, it is necessary to first understand the premise that has guided the founding members from the very beginning.

The Aiterna group was founded with the intention of offering its contribution to the dutiful and unavoidable scientific-technological progress of human society, so that the results of this progress manifest themselves in a solid and concrete improvement in the quality of human life itself.

For the founders, this premise is the natural consequence of a profound awareness: the word innovation must encapsulate values that support a civilisation that intends to express its potential to the full.

In creating a group capable of conceiving and pursuing the set goals, it was vital from the outset to take note of the need to proceed through a multidisciplinary approach in terms of structure and working method.

Although the core of the group is closely linked to technological fields, there is a framework capable of generating, for each activity performed, a specific synergy with other branches of human knowledge through the evaluation of complementary ethical, sociological, psychological and legal perspectives, always respecting the intrinsic innovative nature of the group.

We strongly believe that a multi-disciplinary approach, such as the one described, allows the group to reach levels of quality standards precluded to realities oriented to the evaluation of technical/technological aspects only.

The vision and values of the Aiterna group are encapsulated in the interpretation of the meaning attached to the word: Progress [Prōgrĕdĭor]

‘development towards higher and more complex forms of life, pursued through the advancement of culture, scientific and technological knowledge, social organisation, the attainment of political freedoms and economic well-being, in order to procure for humanity a general improvement in the standard of living, and a greater degree of liberation from hardship’.



Welcome to AiternaLab, the R&D centre and software house of the Aiterna Group.

The beating heart of AiternaLab is the multidisciplinary team: each member has a unique set of skills, experience and perspectives. This plurality is our strength, enabling us to tackle complex challenges and offer innovative solutions with a tangible impact in various areas of software engineering.

We firmly believe in the power of technology to transform and improve the world around us. Our vision is to be pioneers in the field of software engineering, offering products and services that not only meet current needs but anticipate future trends.

But AiternaLab is not just about technology and innovation.

We are firmly rooted in a set of values shared with the Aiterna Group – integrity, responsibility and an unwavering commitment to our customers. Aware of the fundamental role technology plays in society, we are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that are also ethically responsible and sustainable.

Each proposed solution stems from a careful understanding of the customer’s needs and perspectives.

We are AiternaLab, and we are here to build the future of software engineering together with you.